Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Reunions, Workshops, & Tests

Well hello there!

I am trying this new thing where I post a blog once a week. Its revolutionary, I know. All that to say please tune in every week. 

The weekend of Thanksgiving I was able to visit an old friend of mine from Camp Quarterman (my church camp back home) who is currently stationed outside of Tokyo. I haven’t seen my friend, Andrew, in 5 years. Needless to say we had loads to catch up on. Andrew and his wonderful wife were perfect hosts. We spent the weekend eating American food (that I don’t normally get to eat), watching movies, decorating their apartment for Christmas, and touring Tokyo. It was a nice to have a little bit of home here in Japan. 

English Development workshop
I started the English Teachers Developments training this past month. We had two of the planned 5 sessions so far. During the workshop we focused on classroom management, mainly how to get the kids attention and keeping them on task. Starting in January I will have regular English lessons with these women. Living in Japan they don’t get many opportunities to speak in English so that have lost a lot of what they learned before. I will try my best not to give them a Texas accent but I cannot guarantee it. 

Japanese Santa in a
shopping center.
Last Sunday we took our Japanese Proficiency test that we have been dreading for months. I think that most of my fellow classmates did well but we all agreed that it was difficult. Thankfully it is over. Next week we are having a meeting on how we will continue the class. Now that the test is over we can study Japanese at a slower pace. yippee!!!!

This weekend we have another stress management program. I am in charge of the program for the kids. There will be 19 kids coming this weekend. Luckily one of the study abroad studies who volunteers with us from time to time is helping out as well. The kids are all half Japanese and half Filipino. Which means that most of them speak only Japanese, some maybe speak Tagalog, and a few might know a few words in English. It should be interesting…

That is all that I have to report for now. I hope that you are all having a wonderful start to Advent!

My wonderful tour guides and I in
Tokyo. And yes Tokyo does have a
mini-version of the Statue of liberty.

God's Peace,



  1. I've been thinking about your language test. It's probably a standardized test to see where you fall on a scale from "You speak Klingon better than Japanese" to "The UN is looking for interpreters like you". If I'm right, it's not pass fail so much as a measure of competency. It won't say your a failure, it just measures where you are and there's no shame in not being at the top on a test like that.

    Stress about something you can change like surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Dad (and a survivor of one of those tests)

  2. Katie, this is Emi from Abilene. BB and I were talking about you this morning since I knew there was a big earthquake yesterday. Are you okay? Hope everything is okay with you, girl!

  3. EMI!

    I am safe. Thank you!! How are you? Are you coming to Japan for winter break? send me an email at and let me know how everything is.