Monday, 11 June 2012

Rock Paper Scissors

A couple of weeks ago we had a Deanery wide activity day.  People from various churches in the area came to enjoy one another’s company. My church, St. Stephens, was in charge of organizing the event. In Japan the game rock paper scissors (or Junken as they call it in Japanese) is played on a daily basis to settle arguments or to decide who is going first or just to pass the time. So naturally when they were planning a gathering to build fellowship we played about 7 different variations of the game. 

We had people from the ages 3 to 80 playing Rock Paper Scissors. There was the three year old who threw out his hand with all his might in the shape of a rock hoping that he would become the Junken king. And then in another game there were the older members crawling on their knees as if they were cockroaches. This was definitely a multigenerational event that everyone participated in, no matter how ridiculous the games became. It was a fun event. I only wish that we could meet up every week to play Junken for hours. 

Awesome Japanese flower arrangement

This flower arrangement has to do with relationships.
Specifically between Nagoya and Sendai.
Wood carvings outside of a rest stop