Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Me as Santa-san!
We have had several Christmas activities over the past few weeks. But my favorite one was last week. On Friday two of my coworkers and I got into the car to give presents to various kids that we have been working with. Since most of these kids don't know me very well, I had the great pleasure of dressing up as Santa. It was a first for me but it was a blast. We visited seven families that day. I would ring the bell my coworkers would hide around the corner as I sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The kids would either hide behind their parents or stare at me very confused. One even freaked out saying "Santa-san is here, Santa-san is here!" Overall it was a success.

After four Christmas services and three Christmas parties in 48 hours, I am officially pooped. As one of my friends put it "we have truly celebrated Jesus' Birthday this year." I hope that you all had and continue to have a very Merry Christmas. Eat some delicious pie for me.



  1. What exactly is in that bottle Santa-san? You are fetching in costume- loved talking to you tonight-

  2. Never pictured you as Santa. I have almost consumed one whole pie by my self, on your request. Love Aunt Patti