Saturday, 3 September 2011

Peace Be With You

Well summer is slowly drawing to an end. There are signs everywhere school has started back up, West Texas Fair and Rodeo is coming, and the temperatures are in the high 90s versus the 100s...YAY! This summer has gone by in a flash. It seems as though I spent half of the summer in the car on the way to my next destination. I have been blessed to go to four weddings, a family reunion, three weeks of camp at Quartmen Ranch, and two weeks of orientation in Toronto. During all of this travel I have become re-acquainted with friends, family, and places that I have called home. I am very thankful for the opportunity of travel but at the same time I am very happy to spend time at home.

I now have a departure date, September 12. This means that the remainder of my time at home is taken up by saying goodbye and gathering last minute things. This weekend both of my brothers, new sister-in-law and her mother are in town. Its going to be a wonderful weekend filled with card games, our favorite foods, and as much sibling mockery as we can get in in 48 hours.

I am very excited about this new chapter in my life. I can barely believe that it is actually happening. I have been talking about it so much that lately it has become more of a conversation piece rather than a soon to be reality. It has been hard to be at peace with the things that I will miss out on this year. But after many discussions with God, friends and family I have finally come to terms with those things I cannot change. I am ready to see all the things that lie ahead in Japan. In the meantime I am going to enjoy my time at home among those I love!

God's Peace,
Katie Young

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