Saturday, 17 September 2011

My First Week


I arrived in Nagoya on Tuesday evening after a very very long plane ride. When I landed I was greeted by two of the women from the Youth Center. They took me out to eat at a Tofu restaurant, where we met up with the other missionary from England. I have never had so much tofu in my life! It was DELICIOUS.

The past few days I have had a lot of free time because they were letting me adjust to the time change (and being in Japan). In that free time I was able to explore my neighborhood and the city a bit. This a very huge city. On Friday I was able to help out with two of the Center's English classes. We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake." It was awesome! The children are just adorable. This coming week I will be visiting all of the over classes and should have a better idea what my weekly schedule will look like.

I went to church for the first time this morning. It was all in Japanese so I didn't understand a word but I did recognize a few hymns. Afterwards we all had lunch together. The whole morning was a community effort, from getting the hall ready for the service to cleaning all of the dishes after lunch. Everyone had a part to play including myself. It was great!

Well that is all from Nagoya for now.

God's Peace,


  1. How very exciting and wonderful. Glad you are getting settled in.

  2. so happy to read this - we love you

    <3 nat