Monday, 23 April 2012

Sakura, Tears, & Clay

Well Easter came in a flash! On the Saturday before, many church members gathered at the church to prepare for Easter festivities. There was a group chopping vegetables, a group decorating boiled eggs with stickers, and a group setting up the church. It is always a good time when this group gets together so needless to say that there was a lot of laughing and singing. When we were finished one of the ladies in the church invited me to see the Cherry Blossoms. I cannot describe to you the sense of awe that you experience when you turn the corner and are suddenly surrounded by cherry blossoms. I now understand why they are so famous. When cherry blossoms are in blooms that is all anyone can talk about. I am sad that they only last a few weeks though.

Barbeque. Japanese style
On Easter morning we had a beautiful service. Afterwards we had a Japanese style barbeque. The weather was perfect for the first time in a long time so we were able to eat and cook in the garden. The food was of course delicious.  As an Eater gift the church gave the decorated eggs to everyone in attendance. That evening we also had an English service. There was a ton of left over eggs from our service that morning so we had an Easter egg hunt after the English service. There were only two kids so that family had enough boiled eggs to last them a long time.  Claire and I ended the day with my favorite dessert, zenzai, at a cute little coffee shop. Easter was a success.

The next day we started English classes. While I really enjoyed my Spring vacation it was nice to see those smiling faces again. With the new school year comes new kids to Mitsuba (the pre-k class at the center). This means that we have a room full of crying two year olds trying to adjust to being away from their mothers for the first time. After this experience I am not sure if my hearing will ever be the same again. On the Brightside even when the children are screaming at the top of their lungs they are still cute. All of you out there that have ever taken care of children bless you. I would also like to say thank you to those of you that put up with my tantrums as a child, you are truly angels. 

The next weekend I visited my friend Yuka’s hometown, Tokoname. That town is famous for pottery. We spent the morning walking around the old kilns and looking at the various shops. After lunch we went to a place that teaches you how to make pottery. Yuka and I had a bit of a hard time doing it. She had to start over twice and I had to start over three times. Luckily our teacher was very kind and patient.  In the end we completed the task. Her cup and my vase were awesome. We then went to Tokoname’s spring festival. I got to see traditional Japanese floats, we ate very unhealthy but very good street food, and she introduced me to everyone she knew.  What a lovely Saturday.

This past Saturday I got to go to my second Japanese wedding. One of the men that I worked with at ELCC got married. A group of us went to Osaka for the wedding. The wedding was in a church that is over a hundred years old. The service and the reception were beautiful, as were the bride and groom. 

That shell was HUGE!
My completed vase
Traditional Japanese float

Lake Biwa is the biggest Lake in Japan

Delicious Indian food with my friend Fumi.
First Karaoke experience in Japan with
friends from the office.

This Easter season has brought so much joy and life here in Japan. I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter season as well.

God's Peace,

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