Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Oishi is Japanese for delicious. It was one of the first words I have learned in Japanese. The reason being is that all the food I have eaten is so incredibly delicious!This past weekend we had a bazaar at the Youth Center. All of the profit goes to victims of the tsunami and to the Filipino children at St. Luke's Youth Center.  It was a huge ordeal. The parish hall of sorts was filled with seven different tables of food. We had food from India, Korea, Philippines, Japan, England (Fairy Cakes which are very similar to cup cakes), and delicious chocolate chip cookies from the States (made my yours truly). I tried to buy something from everywhere. It was all sooo good!

Saturday night I went out to eat with more of my brother's friends. We had okonomiyaki which they kept describing as a pancake(to me its like an omelet). You get to put anything you want in it such as fish, meats, vegetables, and pretty much anything else. I had octopus, squid, and pork (with veggies) in mine. I was super nervous about the octupus but it turns out that it to be so good!

Last week I also started working with the pre-k classes. The kids are absolutely adorable! They don't quite understand that I cannot speak Japanese. They talk and talk and talk to me and then wait for me to say something in response...which of course they are sorely disappointed. Sometimes I manage to communicate with them. I have been learning several words in Japanese since working with these kiddos. The teachers have been very helpful in this area. When I don't understand something I repeat it until another teacher translates it for me. Many times they laugh at my mispronunciation. Yesterday I thought a kid was saying "yoda, yoda" turns out it was something like "yada" (not sure how to spell it) which means "no can't get me." It's always entertaining working with these kids. They are so sweet and full of energy!

Today I am going to go sign up for Japanese language classes. I will also be working at the homeless shelter for the first time. It should be a good day! Here are some of the pictures from this past week. Enjoy!


Friends from all over...China, Uzbekistan, and Japan

Cookies I made for the bazaar.

Kids corner at the bazaar

cotton candy for sale

Food from Korea...FANTASTIC!

Selling items for the bazaar.

The fair trade room of the bazaar.


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  1. This will sound strange but tell the ladies of the center hello and those at Church on Sunday. Hopefully you will be able to teach at the school on Fridays too!
    Give Yama-chan a hard time and tell him to hurry up and get married already!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your time in Nagoya.
    Chris Hamby